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Scheduling an Event

Already booked an event? Here's a few things to remember:

  • Copy, paste, and send the email we created for you to ALL your agents and CC us. Due to contractual agreements with our photographers, we cannot send a photographer without a CC.

  • Prepare a space reserved solely for photography each day of the event with the following:

        No less than 8'x12'.​

        A table and at least 2 chairs.

        At least 2 electrical outlets.

  • We are extremely diligent in making sure you only work with the very best photographers and support staff. We only ask that you treat them with the same kindness and respect as you would for your agents.  

  • Our photographers work at a new office almost everyday and we understand that every office has different expectations (like how to handle agents who are late or need extra attention, etc.).
    Let's make sure everyone properly schedules their appointments and let us know changes well ahead of time. It can be extremely challenging to balance staying on schedule while making your agents feel relaxed and not rushed in editing or branding option decisions. 

  • Great relationships require mutual respect.

  • Please let us know immediately if he or she isn't anything but professional and kind as well.  

Ready to schedule an event? 

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