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Benefits of Working with Image 1 Stiudios

  • Free headshots and group composites of all staff.

  • Free agent headshots for your office website.

  • Pose selection and editing during their session.

  • Free prints for your office wall.

  • Accountability. (We send you an event summary with reviews & feedback from everyone we photograph.)

  • Customer support. 

  • Long term storage and online retrieval.


  • Free tech support for how to use images and graphics. 

     You want great looking photographs of your agents, staff, and office for your company website. Your agents need executive photographs and graphics for their real estate business. We are looking for a long-term business relationship that is mutually beneficial.

"We're ready, willing and able to deliver all of the above! It all starts with the first agent and staff website headshot photography day. With that first event you'll know why Image 1 Studios is the # 1 choice of real estate professionals and agencies nationwide. There really is a difference."                 
                                                             - Lawrence Meredith, CEO


There is NEVER any cost or obligation to your office for your website headshots. So why not try us out at least one time? We only need a date, a space to shoot, and for you to copy and send an email we create about the event to all of your agents. That's it! The email explains the event and has a link to an online appointment schedule. We'll help your agents with advice including wardrobe and makeup, plus we'll call and text to remind them the day before their appointment and answer any questions they might have.

The day of the event, your photographer will arrive at least 45-60 minutes before the first appointment to set up. Your photographer will move tables, chairs, etc. as needed (please help with heavy tables) and will put everything back after the shoot. Your agents' favorite headshots will be custom edited during their sessions and delivered as an attachment to their order form so they leave the shoot with a finished headshot. In the event they don't purchase a headshot, you will still receive the image free of charge for your company website. Any additional poses they wanted, along with graphics and branding they requested, are sent to them within one or two weeks.

Within a week of the event, you will receive all of the agent and staff approved headshots formatted specifically for your office website. If you need any prints of your agents or staff for your office wall (5x7 or 8x10 in black and white, color, or sepia) let us know. Our customer service staff are available Monday thru Friday (except holidays) and are extremely knowledgeable who have endless patience to help with anything image use related. We're a great resource for your agents and staff and even have educational programs on how to use digital images and branding in real estate marketing. 

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