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A Journey of 100,000 Friends and Faces

The Full Story

     Almost 30 years ago I had a fashion and glamour photography studio. A friend in Atlanta called me and told me he was working with a startup company that had put together a digital photography studio. On my way to Florida, for a huge promotion for the grand opening week of a large mall, I stopped in to check it out.  I was BLOWN AWAY! They had brand new iMac computers, a groundbreaking digital DSLR camera and a Fuji Pictography chemical free photo lab. For the first time ever, customers could be photographed, make pose selections immediately after photography, and enjoy unbelievable editing while they watched and directed!

    I reached out to the malls management right before their black tie grand opening party and told them about this new technology. They were SOLD! We set up a kiosk with a quickly revised display and sold literally HUNDREDS of tickets for the big event. No one had ever heard of this amazing new technology or that it was right there in their new mall. Needless to say it was a huge success! I worked with my friend's associates until our visions were not compatible (we still keep in touch after all these years) and then put together my own digital studio. I learned to retouch at a level I never imagined was possible. We were photographing hundreds of people a month. Fast forward to 15 years ago and I began shooting real estate agents. Most had mediocre to bad headshots and fairly low expectations.


     We reimagined the real estate agent headshot experience. We set up a professional quality studio system at realty offices so they didn't need to come to us. With pose selection and editing during their session, agents are guaranteed to have much better results. From brightening eyes to straightening teeth to the famous Photoshop diet (Lose up to 20 pounds in 20 seconds!) We were still one of the only digital studios open to the public. Almost overnight we became the number one real estate agent headshot photography studio in America with mobile studios coast to coast. We grew so fast I actually had  photographers I hadn't met in cities I'd never even been to! We built a team of truly wonderful dedicated professionals and support staff while having a blast doing it! The agents are always pushing us to do more and we listen.

     We began creating image related branding tools like virtual signs, email signature stamps and social media page banners. We began shooting agent videos with the same business model. For the first time ever an agent could come in, have a professional script written in 5-10 minutes, have a high end professional video shot with truly professional studio equipment and have it edited and delivered ALL within an hour and for just $99 IF THEY LIKED IT ENOUGH TO BUY IT! What?!!! 

     Today, we continue our mission and we have shot over 10,000 events, more than 100,000 agents and staff, and have raised over $500,000 dollars for various charities including KW Cares, Paws for Patriots, St Jude's, Make a Wish Foundation, homeless shelters and more!

     Soon we will be shooting real estate photography, virtual tours and videos. We are the number one choice for agent headshots and branding nationwide, working with every national franchise and are number one with Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Berkshire Hathaway and more! Through all of this we've maintained our sense of wonder and excitement and embrace the unlimited creative opportunities made possible by new technology. We are dedicated to creating the best realtor and agency photography experience anywhere and to continue to provide a wonderful and fun studio experience with images agents actually feel good about and are happy to share.

Want to be your agents' and staffs' HEADSHOT HERO? Find out why we maintain a 97% customer satisfaction rating (based on exit surveys from all events) and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Call us or send an email today!

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