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The #1 Choice in Real Estate Agent Headshots
and Branding Nationwide!

"We believe exceptional portraits require a genuine connection
between the photographer and the agent."




We want to know you and understand your vision!

Your photographer starts each session by getting to know you and discussing your vision and what you want to achieve. We all carry the hustle and bustle of life with us. We'll make you feel comfortable and relaxed during your session. We promise that no pictures will leave the studio unless you approve. Your photographer will move you through posing effortlessly taking just a few shots in a handful of poses. (we believe in quality over quantity). We know what works for realtors and how to create an image that looks professional, yet personable and can be used for marketing. It's what we do.

Pose selection and editing BEFORE you decide to purchase!

Immediately after your session your images will be displayed for pose selection and editing. If you feel you need a reshoot, and time allows, your photographer is happy to do that (Really). All our photographers have extensive training in photo editing and we will edit your favorite headshot while you watch and direct removing/reducing wrinkles and blemishes, brighten and straighten (or even replace) teeth, brighten eyes, fix or eliminate double chins, and slim all as desired and in a way that looks natural and still looks like you. THERE'S NOTHING WE CAN'T DO! Only after you are satisfied with your completed image will you be given the option to purchase. Even then there is no obligation. All approved headshots are formatted and provided to your office regardless of your purchase decision. Of course almost everyone is thrilled with their images and orders but it's perfectly ok with us if you don't purchase.  When the order is complete you'll be asked to fill out a brief survey to provide both us and the office with valuable feedback. Before you leave the studio your receipt is emailed to you along with your completed headshot ready to use! Total instant gratification!

Cloud and Tech Support

You'll have online cloud and tech support for three years allowing you to download from anywhere as often as you want from the cloud and help you to use your image and branding in any application or media. We have unlimited patience, vast knowledge in all areas of image utilization.


We specialize in TEAMS!

We've been shooting teams for many years (Literally hundreds of teams!). Every team has a vision and we know how to make that happen. We have special programs and pricing to accommodate your team and help create the vision that's in your mind. If you don't have a well formed vision, we'll help you with that too. We shoot everyone separately and we will create a realistic composite to create your team shot. This means that you don't all have to come at the same time allowing you to add or remove individual team members as needed saving you time and money.  All our studios have the same set up and we embed the camera settings into your team lead's image file so they will always look like they were photographed together even if they have a different Image 1 Studios photographer! Find out more in our PORTFOLIO.

Images made for your marketing!

From photography, to editing, and formatting, our goal is to create images and image related graphics you can use. Your images will be in both black and white and color. Your images will come in different sizes and file formats, as a transparency and with a background. You'll also have a wide array of alternative backgrounds to choose from including beautiful stock photos we shot in your metro area! It's easy to change backgrounds just copy and paste! This makes it so much easier for graphics and will save you time and money.

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